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iherb review |Now Foods, Acidophilus Three Billion, Stabilized, 180 Tablets

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    Jun 2018

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    0.92 lbs (0.42 kg)

  • Product Code: NOW-02914
  • UPC Code: 733739029140
  • Package Quantity: 180 Tablets
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 in, 0.55 lbs (0.25 kg)


  • Healthy Intestinal Flora
  • No Refrigeration Necessary
  • Promotes Positive Probiotic Balance
  • Supports Immune System
  • GMP Quality Assured
  • A Dietary Supplement

This superior probiotic has been carefully formulated, handled and tested to ensure maximum stability and full labeled potency.

NOW is pleased to introduce Stabilized Acidophilus, a real-time lab-tested acidophilus. Because some strains of acidophilus are more stable than others, scientists have developed a proprietary method that optimizes growth medium during fermentation. This method uses specific fermentation and drying techniques to ensure that each batch of Stabilized Acidophilus contains the hardiest strains of this important probiotic. In addition, substantial overages are incorporated to guarantee full potency at room temperature for the entire life of the product. Finally, Stabilized Acidophilus is packaged in glass for maximum protection from moisture.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times daily, preferably with or before meals. Consider taking these other NOW products: Fiber-3 and Optimal Digestive System.

Other Ingredients

Maltodextrin cellulose, silica, croscarmellose sodium and stearic acid (vegetable source).

Contains milk.

Not manufactured with wheat, gluten, soy, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in a GMP facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens.

Note for those highly sensitive to milk protein: This product may contain minute amounts of casein.


Store in cool, dry place after opening. Please recycle.

Caution: For adults only. Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Do not eat freshness packet. Keep in bottle.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablet
  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Lactobacillus acidophilus 3 Billion *
* Daily Value not established.

Customer reviews about the product:

Probiotic is essential for a healthy digestive system. Everything inside our body starts and ends in our stomach. I noticed that when I started taking this probiotic (3 billion acidophilus!) my poop has become lighter with noticeable popped bubble holes. And my movement was easier. I didn’t have problems with regularity bec. I eat a lot of fiber, supported by my ‘greens’. Before, I would buy this big 1 quart yogurts (with millions of ‘live’ organisms) at ‘Savemart’. But over time, I got bored with scooping the thing whenever I needed my intestinal ‘organisms’. The quart sometimes are left unfinished in the fridge, and had to be trashed. This acidophilus solved that problem. Does not need to refrigirated, and is easily carried anywhere. Later, I also tried Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics. It was excellent, you really feel your stomach "talking". But, it was too pricy for me ($48 for 60 caps). Then Jarrows came out with their own stabilized probiotics (with 5 billion organisms per cap). It was first offered as a Freebie. (So my reminder to you Folks, don’t forget to browse the Freebie section … you might just see something you want … for free!) It was super-excellent for its price ($16, 60 caps). Then I discovered the RAW twin (Garden of Life, Raw Greens and Raw Protein) with its generous blend of ‘live’ probiotics. With so many vitamins and minerals to choose from, against so many competing brands … I simplified to my ‘green’ foundational smoothies (chlorella, spirulina, raw green, raw protein, maca), and chose Jarrows for my probiotics. But this product, Now Foods’ stabilized probiotics is also good. For its price, you can never go wrong.

>>> To get more /Nuggets and Tips/ on products me and my family have actually bought and used… … Click the link above [[Posted By Thoughtful-Reviews]]. Thanks for reading! <<<"

I previously took a capsule form of acidophilus. This new version is a dry pill that fizzes upon contact with water. I think it’s doing the same thing as my previous pills, but the rapidly dissolving pill sometimes gets stuck in my throat. I also give one pill a day to my dog upon my vet’s recommendation. For his dose, I add it to his dry dog food and fill the bowl with warm water and stir vigorously so the whole pill is dissolved before the beagle gulps it down. He was getting icky ear buildup and ear mites; also his coat was drier with itchy areas. The improvements in skin and fur quality are very noticable in the dog, which is why I started to take the pills daily myself!
I live in Southern AZ and used to buy acidophilus that needed refrigeration. What a pain! I started using the NOW foods stabilized acidophilus when I had a chance to go to Egypt a couple of summers ago. They survived the trip with flying colors without losing potency. Now I buy them all the time, because they’re easy to carry with me. The heat can be tough on many meds, but these stand up to it.
Excellent supplements
I started taking this to introduce some beneficial bacteria into my system. I did not realize how much it would help with my digestion! I have been taking two a day, in the morning, and this product has almost complete alleviated troublesome gas that I was having whenever I ate harder to digest vegetables, such as cooked broccoli, cauliflower, celery, etc, not to mention beans. This stuff rocks!
It cured my stomach, or rather, my intestines – it rebuilt healthy flora in the intestines within a month. Currently I use it to prevent similar digestive problems.
And, what’s worth mentioning, it doesn’t need refrigeration.
I have bought this exact same product for years now, but they really stepped up their game and significantly improved the formula!! Now, I just take 4 twice a day and get absolutely amazing results. If you have really bad constipation, you may have to take it for awhile, but for me it worked in just a day or two.
These do make it through the intestines where a lot of probiotics do not. Definitely recommend. JS
Ever since I’ve started taking acidophilus every day I’ve had very few digestive problems. I use to get a lot of gas pains, but now I rarely have that problem. This brand of acidophilus is effective and reasonably priced.
I take it with Candex. In only two days I started to feel its benefits!
I had been on a prsciption med for my stomac for some time now. After takeing the Acidophilus three billion i no longer take the prsciption meds! And i only pay a fraction of what i was paying.Very happy in NC thanks now! V.B, H.
I am from the Netherlands so i needed stabilized acidophilus. I like it but i prefer capsules
I’m sure the product is doing what it’s suppose to but I haven’t noticed too much of a difference in digestion. I was told in could take 2-3 months to rebuild the good bacteria in my stomach. We will see.

Because it’s a hard capsule I can’t give it to my dogs or baby. Was a bit disappointed that it also contains dairy. Had to get a different one for my lactose intolerant child.

As with most probiotics you will get excessive gas at first (after four days i could tolerate them much better).
I have been using this for a few weeks but can’t say that i have noticed a huge difference. I am actually overdosing and alternating between Jarrows and this one. Will continue to use it for a few more weeks
This does not seem as effective as a brand I had to refrigerate. It does not seem to help with digestive issues.
These are a bit hard to swallow because they have a chalky surface and begin to dissolve in the mouth. They are convenient to store since no refrigeration is required.
I usually don’t notice any difference in probiotics (or even if I use them or not), so I can’t really say if this product is good compared to the others. I am not a great fan of tablet-form supplements because they usually contain a lot of fillers (and so does this product).
I use to have frequent UTIs until I started taking acidophilus. I tried this brand, but it is not effective. It seems to work for a day, but the next day I am in pain again. I even increased the dosage, but no help. I won’t be buying these again.
I took two of these the first day and that night I woke up at 2:30 am with gas pains and had bowel disturbances and going to the bathroom all day long. I have not tried it again. Maybe will try again and start with half a pill.
Since I’ve been taking this product it seems I have more energy and less stress related ailments. I really think my body is absorbing more nutrients from the healthy food I eat. I understand this is also one of the benefits of a probiotic that works.
I like this as I do not have to keep it in the fridge, where I usually forget it, as it is not with my other supplements
Great product. No refrigeration needed!
Does not to be refrigerated as does some acidophilus. Really helps to maintain healthy flora in my intestines.
totally am a new person since using this product. other acidophilius just don’t work like this one ! more of a “cast iron” gut now, and not the problems with digestion!
I like that they come in a glass jar, are not gel caps, for the vegan friendly, and are stabilized so no fridge required. Great for traveling, especially if you have to take any antibiotics for disease prevention, like malaria.
Now Foods products are reasonable price, but not highest quality .
However, this Acidophilus is ideal for travel since you do not have to store this product in the refrigerator.
Acidophilus is great for candida, acne, constipation and ect.
After taking antibiotics for a while we need to add friendly bacteria, taking Acidophilus is a great way to bounce back to healthy body.
Very pleased with the product and with the quick dispatch! Happy customers in The Netherlands…
taking this one a day tablet makes digestion perfect
Very happy with this, helps with bloating.
I did get ill as my system started repairing but I feel the product is working now to keep my whole body in better balance.
Great to take while using antibiotics
Stabilized…..perfect for the heat in Hawaii!!
Excellent service from this company, and great shipping charges!
I take acidophilus regularly to help my digestive system. I take more when I have had an antibiotic or eat too much sugary stuff. This is a good product at a great price and I trust it to keep me from having the canker sores I used to get often. I’ve been taking it for years.
I use it already a long time and since that time it is very quiet downstairs!
what a service you sell the stabilized version!

fast delivery

Used this together with Candex to defeat Candida, but am continuing to take it. I see it as good insurance.
Do not need fridge. Can be shipped a long distance without being damaged. Good health starts in the bowel, ALWAYS!
LOVE IT!! LOve the fact that it wont need refrigerating :)
I can eat as much as I can and what I want … Thanks To This product
Works really well for me!!
This is a great product and the price is incredible compared to the healthfood store!
The Acidophilus is most satisfactoy. I have been content with all of the NOW products I have purchased.
This product is great. The fact that they don’t need to be kept in the fridge helps me. Best price at iHerb!!
I am prone to constipation, but this really helps solving the problem! I take one tablet before breakfast and one before bed. Great product!
for my kids, keeps them healthy
This is a great product that takes care of my lactase intolerance and is extremely easy to use. Doesn’t need refirgeration.
I truly don’t know if it does work for me or not, but I think it’s good for me either way.

Service through this company is always fast, and very accurate! It keeps me coming back as well as not being able to find other items through my pharmacy.

We are very happy to see we don’t have to refrigerate the new stuff. Your order and delivery process works very well. We are a satisfied repeat customer.
Seems effective. I continue to purchase. I like the fact that it doesn’t require refrigeration.
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