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Help Support A Positive Balance Of Micro Flora In The Intestines
Is Stomach Acid Resistant To Ensure That The Maximum Amount Of Friendly Bacteria Reach The Intestinal Tract To Exert Their Greatest Benefits
Stable At Room Temperature


Had debilitating fatigue that lasted for months. Nothing seemed to relieve it for more than a few days. Someone suggested the saliva test(spit in 8 oz. of water first thing in a.m.,check after 15 min.,if it looks like it sprouted tentacles or is cloudy you probably have way too much yeast in the gut)Cut out refined carbs and sugar and took this probiotic on an empty stomach and ,no kidding,got my energy back in 48 hrs!!! That was 2 mos. ago and I still feel great. Your body thinks the yeast is an infection and uses ALL it’s energy fighting it. Probiotic also fights inflammation in your body and my knees don’t ache anymore.Healthy Origins is loaded with good bacteria in the right amount,doesn’t have to be refrigerated and the price is excellent.You’d need to eat 10 yogurts to equal one capsule.I’m telling everyone about Healthy Origins and I intend to use it daily from now on.
I am one of those people that has gotten to a point where the scale wouldn’t budge. I am overweight and granted don’t make the best choices 15% of the time but that other 85% I feel I do. I love all veggies, am not vegan but tend to follow what I deem as a Mediterranean (dubbed Paleo) type of food consumption.I saw this mentioned on Dr. Oz and live testimonials of people that noticed a changed. Shortly thereafter I saw an online-infomercial by Key-Biotics but with a 30 minute presentation on and about Candida. Now I have heard of this before and found myself recognizing and/or relating to a lot of what was presented. I didn’t do a complete fact check on it, but from my own adult life have seen the changes in our foods.From the day I took this I felt different inside, not as puffy/bloated, no cravings. I have a power-food smoothie in the AM and I’m good. I have dropped (on the scale) 15-20 pounds within a couple weeks. Mostly the change in the bloating I’m sure as the clothes are showing it as much but now in my week 3+ of taking it, the energy is increasing. I’m eating the healthy food I love, in more moderation because I feel more in control. Now my birthday was during this and I have a young child who of course wanted us to get a cake..but even having that….it seemed the probiotics are maintaining that gut bacteria in balance. I think I am going to continue one….the other one I noted states a claim on 37 Billion Cu’s….but you can only go through them and get on a continuous supplementation payment schedule…which right now is not what I want to do.I am very pleased thus far and can only state that for ‘my body’ and it’s ‘chemical makeup’ this has absolutely made a difference. And I would recommend you give it a try and see. The crap on the shelves at our food stores is not what nature intended us to eat. Thank you.
Last year I saw my GI for cramping, nausea, bloating, etc. After several tests he could not find a cause and my ulcerative colitis was in remission at the time so he placed me on Prevacid. I did not want another RX so after a month I tried to stop the RX but the pain returned. I would wake up in the middle of the night from the cramping and could not sleep. I had been taking probiotics 5 billion capsules, off and on for years. I decided to bump up dosage and started taking one 25 billion capsule consistently every morning on an empty stomach. Within a week the pain went away and I stopped the RX.This is an excellent value 1 capsule provides 30 billion CFU and the bottle contains 150 capsules, which would last 5 months if taken once a day. As other reviewers have stated, probiotics are very expensive and I cannot afford to spend a lot of money when I have expensive prescription medication that I cannot do without so I was very happy to find this product at such a good price. Arrived quickly.I also keep the bottle in the refrigerator even though the label states that it is stable at room temperature.
***healthy origins 30 billion cfu probiotic was ordered on 7-1-11 and arrived 7-7 well packaged inside a cardboard box with airbags as particular seller was potential dynamix llc, the price was $32.84, shipping was free.expiration date shown on bottle is 3-2013, which is quite acceptable, though i prefer 2 years or more of shelf life.however, because of the secret bonus, march of 2013 takes on a better, what is the bonus? well almost all manufacturers of supplements show product strength or potency at time of production. i happened to contact healthy origins by telephone and found out that the 30-billion benchmark refers to bacterial strength at time of expiration, and that at time of manufacture the figure is closer to 53-billion!website enumeration of ingredients is not complete simply because the section for listing the information is constrained as to character total; so the company did make a good faith effort at full disclosure.kudos for that.the bottle shows these ‘other ingredients': vegetable capsule-cellulose and water/microcrystalline cellulose/vegetable magnesium stearate/silicon cause for worry here.just remember to read all product labels carefully, whether it’s canned food, therapeutics or whatever.processors and manufacturers often add things that are questionable or detrimental to one’s health. yes you read that correctly. companies that manufacture products to enhance, maintain or restore health often use questionable additives.even though the label states that no refrigeration is required, i will refrigerate this probiotic. this will likely enhance shelf life; the person i spoke with at healthy origins did caution me to make sure the cap is tightly closed as an ingress of moisture might damage the bacteria.again, fine product and acceptable price; nice to find such a combination from time to time, no?***
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