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Restores the natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract where 70% of the immune system is found
Supports the body’s natural defenses
Helps support the immune system and general well-being
Helps to keep you healthy
Clinical strength. Safe for everyday, long-term use


Well this product is a part of my daily routine along with other probiotics i take and they have brought remarkable improvements to my heath. Hay fever has calmed down, stomach pain was disappeared, hunger has improved, energy levels has improved and probably even more internal benefits i can’t notice as easily the point is most of our diets now are completely unnatural and simply put our bodies are not meant to handle such toxins.. these pro biotics help the natural bacteria in our stomach fight against the pathogens we voluntary allow into our body and involuntary regarding the immune system overall please this is something you should consider trying
We use this as a probiotic for our son and we have been since he was 3 weeks. Just open the capsule and sprinkle into some breastmilk, water or juice. Pediatrician recommended! We found Culturelle Digestive Health was too harsh on his stomach and mine.
The product now contains sucrose and a lot of other stuff you don’t need in a probiotic. The back label image does not match this product.
It was suggested that I take a probiotic after surgery. I settled on this on after comparing ingredients with multiple brands. I can’t say for certain it has helped in recovery but I am healthy and my digestion has maintained if not improved proper function. I also take emergence-c and a stool softener to counter the effects of the pain medication. I’ve had no gas or bloating. These are expensive, so I’m not sure I will continue them after recovery, but if I see a significant change in my health or digestion after stopping them, I am sure I will.
I am so glad I bought this product. It has helped me so much. My body struggles with IBS-C, (due to fibromyalgia) and it was a real issue. Doctors where not much help, this product helped. I did not have as much aches and pains and I actually went to the bathroom more than just once a week.(I also take flaxseed oil pills)I will buy this product again for sure
It helps me, but not overnight. My digestive system seems to get better after a week. My appetite is getting a bit bigger and I no longer suffering from dysphagia (difficulty swallowing).
Since I started taking the Culterelle supplement on my doctor’s orders, I’ve noticed an improvement in my health.However, I wouldn’t tell anyone to take it unless their doctor prescribe it.
Having had IBS most of my life, I found that Culturelle helped control the symptoms!
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